Knowing When It’s Time To Remove a Tree

Category: General Published on May 16 2019

Trees are an important part of softscaping—the elements of landscaping that deal with living, growing things like plants and flowers. Their beauty, shade, and character provide us with enjoyment and comfort, but there are times when it’s necessary to remove a tree for the health, design, or functionality of your outdoor space. Here are some tips to help you figure out when tree removal is needed.

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How To Keep Your Outdoor Spaces Low Maintenance

Category: General Published on Apr 30 2019

Gardens and outdoor spaces are meant to be a source of enjoyment and relaxation, and many people view them as an oasis—a getaway from the glare of computer screens and blaring horns of traffic-jammed commutes. One way to maximize your outdoor space’s relaxation factor is to make it as low maintenance as possible.

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What’s Trending In Gardens This Spring

Category: General Published on Apr 19 2019

With warmer weather and planting season upon us, homeowners are looking to return to their outdoor spaces. As people open up and prep their gardens for spring, there are a few trends you’ll spot in the lawns, gardens, and outdoor living spaces of southeast Pennsylvania homes.

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Five Things You Can Do In Your Garden Right Now

Category: General Published on Apr 11 2019

The first taste of spring has come to Southeast Pennsylvania, and with it all of the excitement of getting back outside after the cold winter months. It may be a bit too early for all of the planting you’ve got planned, but there is plenty you can do in April to set yourself up for a great season—and start working on and enjoying your outdoor spaces again!

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Winter Landscaping, Part 2: Maintaining Your Outdoor Spaces

Category: General Published on Mar 14 2019

Who says you have to wait till spring to enjoy your outdoor space? In our last article, we talked about what types of trees, plants, and flowers can work during the winter months in southeastern Pennsylvania, including using pots and boxes to introduce color when planting isn’t advisable.

In this second part of our winter landscaping discussion, we’ll focus on how to maintain your outdoor spaces to keep them in top shape for the upcoming warmer weather of spring.

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