Category: GeneralPublished on Apr 20 2020

Spring is almost here, and with it the promise of budding trees and blooming flowers. All over southeastern Pennsylvania, homeowners will soon be enjoying the fresh air and bright colors of their gardens. So what’s on trend for Spring of 2020? Here are some of our favorite ideas for keeping your garden fresh this season:

Grow up


Horizontal gardens are beautiful, but you can expand your usable gardening space, and enjoy one of 2020’s hottest gardening trends, but going vertical. This can be done in any number of ways, from training vines to go up trellises or gazebos to hanging baskets and flower boxes on a wall.



Go green


The trend towards all things organic has been building for some time, and 2020 will just see it growing stronger. In addition to planting organic, gardens are now moving towards an emphasis on sustainability. For homeowners, this means incorporating water and energy conservation into outdoor spaces, and maybe even learning to compost as a way of managing waste productively.



Bring the outdoors in


Open concept layouts are all the rage in homes, but the trend towards a seamless flow between the different spaces of your home doesn’t stop with your interior. You can create a more unified space and brighten your indoor rooms by bringing some of the outdoors inside with plants, flowers, and even indoor growing kits.



Take a time out


Gardens are a great place for friends and family to gather and enjoy the outdoors, but one of the biggest trends this year is to create a small space where you can just get away by yourself. A little hidden nook, maybe with just a small bench and some comfy pillows, is the perfect spot to gather your thoughts, curl up with a book, or just take a break from the world to smell the roses.



Double down


There’s a growing trend towards maximizing space and making sure that everything you include in your garden serves a purpose—or two. Incorporating plants and flowers that do double duty is a 2020 must-have, whether it’s pairing visual appeal with a pleasing scent, with the ability to provide shade, or with the capacity to repel mosquitos and other insects.



Finding ways to bring multitasking plants and flowers into your outdoor space is such a huge trend right now that in our next article, we’ll share our favorite tips on how to do it. In the meantime, enjoy the first glimpses of spring, and be sure to contact Modern Landscapes with all of your gardening questions.

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