Sprinkler Water Conservation Tips for Homeowners

Category: General Published on Jan 19 2021

Saving water is an important part of saving the environment—and saving money. There are many ways homeowners in Greater Philadelphia, Bucks, and Montgomery Counties can conserve water based on the size of their lawn. But if you have a professionally installed irrigation system, you are off to a good start.


By starting with a rain or soil irrigation system to detect water, homeowners can determine how much water their plants are already receiving. They can then take this information to choose whether they want a sprinkler or drip system, or to continue watering their lawn by hand. A simple test using cans and a sprinkler system can also prove how much water a lawn requires to prevent any further waste.

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Benefits of Installing an Irrigation System

Category: General Published on Jan 11 2021

Homeowners in southeast Pennsylvania might be hesitant to install an irrigation or sprinkler system since it seems like a job that, at first glance, could run into a lot of money. Instead of purchasing the system and hiring a contractor to complete the job, you might be tempted to take the DIY route. But having an irrigation or sprinkler system professionally installed by Modern Landscapes can save you time and money, as well as help the environment. 

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Homeowner’s Guide to Irrigation

Category: General Published on Oct 19 2020

Water is essential to the health of our lawns and gardens, and our irrigation system is what ensures our plants and flowers get the water they need to flourish. For southeastern Pennsylvania homeowners, the beauty of our seasons gives us plenty of opportunity to show off those lawns and gardens, so keeping them well-irrigated is an absolute must.

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Top 5 Benefits of Using Stone in Your Landscaping

Category: General Published on Oct 07 2020

Any southeastern Pennsylvania homeowner will tell you that a major benefit of living in the region is the ability to enjoy outdoor spaces most of the year round. Each season has its own beauty, and with the right attention to landscaping, your outdoor space can be an oasis, a gathering place, and a source of enjoyment for family and friends from the first bloom of spring to the cozy nights of late autumn.

Of course, softscaping—the plants and flowers and shrubs and trees you incorporate into your outdoor space—is key to creating a welcoming and beautiful experience. But hardscaping—the more permanent aspects like walkways, patios, walls, and benches—are just as important for setting the tone and bringing the space to life.

In previous articles, we’ve talked about the many ways that stone can be used to enhance your hardscaping, from pathways to patios, benches to water features, steps to garden borders, and more. We’ve also talked about the different types of stone that are most commonly used in hardscaping, like flagstone, limestone, slate, and stone aggregate.

In this article, we’ll turn our attention to the benefits of using stone as part of your overall landscaping. Here are our top five favorite reasons to make stone a centerpiece of your outdoor space:

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How To Use Stone Aggregate In Your Landscaping

Category: General Published on Sep 28 2020

Stone aggregate is prized in the world of landscaping for its many benefits. Many southeastern Pennsylvania homeowners choose to incorporate stone aggregate into their hardscaping for its aesthetic appeal, natural ability to promote better drainage, versatility, durability, ease of installation, and introduction of different sizes, shapes and textures into the design of their outdoor spaces.


In our last article, we talked about what stone aggregate it, what the benefits are of using stone aggregate in landscaping, and just a few of the many different types of stone aggregates homeowners can opt to use, from pea gravel and beach pebbles to crushed gravel and river rocks. In this article, we’ll highlight a few of our favorite uses for stone aggregate for landscaping projects.

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