Winter Landscaping, Part 2: Maintaining Your Outdoor Spaces

Category: General Published on Mar 14 2019

Who says you have to wait till spring to enjoy your outdoor space? In our last article, we talked about what types of trees, plants, and flowers can work during the winter months in southeastern Pennsylvania, including using pots and boxes to introduce color when planting isn’t advisable.

In this second part of our winter landscaping discussion, we’ll focus on how to maintain your outdoor spaces to keep them in top shape for the upcoming warmer weather of spring.

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Winter Landscaping, Part 1: Plants & Flowers

Category: General Published on Mar 04 2019

Winter isn’t the easiest time of year to care for your outdoor spaces, let alone enjoy them, but with some thoughtful planning you can maintain and beautify your landscaping even during southeastern Pennsylvania’s coldest months.

In this two-part article, we’ll talk first about what kinds of plants and flowers work best to bring some color and appeal to your outdoor spaces, and then about what you can do to tend to your landscaping in the winter so that spring finds you ready for its blossoms and warmth.

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Maximizing outdoor spaces with landscaping

Category: General Published on Jan 30 2019

When it comes to homes in southeast Pennsylvania, the size of their outdoor spaces can range from very spacious to not quite as large. If you are working with a yard, garden, or other outdoor space that is on the less expansive side, there are many ways you can maximize its functionality and appeal with your landscaping.

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Adding a retaining wall to your outdoor space

Category: General Published on Jan 21 2019

A retaining wall is an element of hardscaping—the parts of your outdoor space that are inanimate and unchanging—that can be highly functional as well as aesthetically pleasing. A retaining wall is simply a wall that retains or holds back soil. They can be built for many different purposes, and with many different materials. We’ll explore some of them below.

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Landscaping with evergreen shrubs

Category: General Published on Jan 12 2019

With their year-round appeal, evergreen shrubs can be a great addition to your landscaping design—but how do you know which ones will work best in your space?

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