Adding Steps to Your Outdoor Space

Category: General Published on Sep 17 2018

There are many reasons that you may be interested in adding steps to an outdoor living space. Steps can add a walkway to higher or lower ground and add more usable space in your garden. Steps can also stop an area from issues that nature brings, such as erosion. Or maybe you are looking to improve existing steps or reinstall steps that weren't properly installed in the first place. Whatever the reason or need, the goal should always be to come up with a finished product that will last for years to come. In order to do so, you must start with the basics.

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Choices When it Comes to Stone

Category: General Published on Sep 03 2018

Have you ever wondered what terminology is important when it comes to stone?

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Dry Streambeds- A Natural Way To Solve A Drainage Issue

Category: General Published on Aug 27 2018

Why Create A Dry Streambed?

There are many reasons to create a dry streambed. Not only is it visually pleasing, it can also solve problems that nature can create- such as steep or difficult grade changes. Another reason to install a dry streambed is that it can cover up drainage channels and/or create space for plants and other items of visual interest. If you have issues with drainage, consider installing a dry streambed as a beautiful addition to your garden.

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Incorporating an Artificial Stream Into Your Backyard

Category: General Published on Aug 20 2018

Do you love the sound of gentle running water, or even a babbling brook? How does the idea of having your very own stream in your backyard sound: something to read a book next to, meditate, or watch the water as it passes over the river rocks? Did you know that you could incorporate an artificial stream into your dream landscaping project? Not only is it possible, it is also a great way to control water in areas where you may have issues with flooding or low land.

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What is Lightscaping and How Can it Benefit My Outdoor Space?

Category: General Published on Aug 10 2018

Landscape lighting, otherwise known as lightscaping, is a great way to add value, ambiance and safety to the outside of your home or work space. Lightscaping has become increasingly popular over the last few years, with more and more options, making it more affordable and energy efficient than ever.

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