Category: GeneralPublished on May 22 2019

Trees are a beloved part of our landscaping, bringing us beauty and function as they offer shade in warm weather, not to mention sturdy branches for swings and treehouses. Even so, there are times when any number of factors can make it necessary to remove a tree.

In our last article, we talked about the possible reasons for tree removal, including design needs, functional needs, and the health of the tree. Here, we’ll provide a checklist of questions to ask your professional landscaper once you’ve determined you will be moving forward with tree removal.

 1.       How long will the process of removing the tree take? Knowing in advance what the timeframe for removal will be will help you plan accordingly to keep kids, pets, and vehicles clear of the area, and make any other necessary arrangements.

 2.       What type of clean up is included in the tree removal fee? Ideally, the removed tree will be cut up into manageable pieces and taken away from your property for disposal, but it’s important to ask this in advance so that you aren’t stuck with trying to figure out how to move a felled tree on your own.

 3.       What type of equipment will be used to remove the tree? This question is an important one because it will help you understand how extensive and involved a process the removal will be, and how you can best prepare for it to minimize any disruption to surrounding areas like flowerbeds and gardens.

 4.       What measures will be taken to protect surrounding plants, landscaping, and hardscaping? Talk to the professionals who are removing your tree in advance to be sure they have a plan to protect your garden, pavers, siding, or anything else that may come into contact with the equipment they’ll be using or with falling branches and parts of the trunk as the tree is taken down.

 5.       Is the company licensed and insured? It’s important to know that the professionals who will be working on your property are reputable and qualified, so make sure to ask about these credentials. Take care as well to check that the company has insured all of the employees who will be working at your home.

 6.       Are all of the employees coming to my home trained in the latest safety measures and requirements? Safety should be a priority for anyone working in or on your property, and a professional landscaper will make sure that all employees are not only insured, but also kept up to date with current safety training.

Using these questions and working with a trusted landscaping professional will help ensure that your tree removal is a smooth, efficient, safe process!

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