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Why Create A Dry Streambed?

There are many reasons to create a dry streambed. Not only is it visually pleasing, it can also solve problems that nature can create- such as steep or difficult grade changes. Another reason to install a dry streambed is that it can cover up drainage channels and/or create space for plants and other items of visual interest. If you have issues with drainage, consider installing a dry streambed as a beautiful addition to your garden.

What Is A Dry Streambed And What Does It Look Like?

A dry streambed is a natural garden feature that utilizes beds of rocks to mimic a stream or river bend. It can simply be an interesting accent piece to an already visually pleasing garden, or it can be the centerpiece of your garden- regardless of your outdoor area's size or shape. To get an idea of what one looks like, picture a rocky section of a stream or river- only without the water! The stone or rocks used in a dry streambed take the place of the water, and stones of all shapes, sizes, colors and types can be used.

Stunning plants can and should, be built into the design for a four-season look. In the spring and summer months butterflies can be attracted simply by choosing the right mix of plants. Bird feeders, bird baths and bird houses will attract different species of wild birds year-round. Dry streambeds are also visually pleasing in the winter. Picture large rocks blanketed with white snow. How gorgeous!?

Larger stones can be setup in the shape of a path and can be used to mimic stepping stones, while smaller rocks can fill in and mimic water. Benches made out of a variety of materials such as wood or stone in everything from a traditional to a modern look can serve as a seating area and a peaceful retreat. Even a bridge or a gazebo can be added as special features!

The best part? Dry streambeds can help solve your water drainage issues! Talking with your landscaping/hardscaping professional can help you discover how dry streambeds can work for you and your individual situation.

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