Category: GeneralPublished on Apr 11 2019

The first taste of spring has come to Southeast Pennsylvania, and with it all of the excitement of getting back outside after the cold winter months. It may be a bit too early for all of the planting you’ve got planned, but there is plenty you can do in April to set yourself up for a great season—and start working on and enjoying your outdoor spaces again!

Here are five things you can do right now in your garden or lawn:

  1. Shop for seeds, hanging baskets, and other materials you’ll need. Not sure what to plant or how to utilize your space best with hardscaping and softscaping? A professional landscaper can help you determine what will work best in your home so you can enjoy your outdoor spaces the way you want to. But whether you’re planting a vegetable garden that will keep you in fresh produce all summer, hanging flowers in a pergola for the perfect outdoor oasis, or creating a bright and safe outdoor space for kids to play and family to gather, now is the time to purchase the seeds and other items you’ll need to bring your vision to life.


  1. Repair anything that needs to be fixed. April is the perfect time to repair any equipment or parts of your hardscaping that may need work. Before flowers and plants come into full blossom and potentially obstruct areas that need to be fixed, check out places like your fence or retaining wall, gazebo or pergola, and the infrastructure of your irrigation and drainage systems.


  1. Build or install new additions to your hardscaping. Ready to install a piece of hardscaping or add a new element to your outdoor space? Take advantage of the warming weather to work more easily outside before your garden or vegetable bed comes in and you risk the chance of damaging new growth with construction projects. From simple do-it-yourself projects like building a raised vegetable bed to more extensive work like adding a retaining wall, installing French Drains, or adding a pergola, starting now means you’ll get to enjoy your new additions all season long.


  1. Get ready to plant. Preparing your beds for planting will help make the process go more smoothly and yield better results in beautiful, healthy flowers and vegetables. Start by pulling any weeds that survived the winter or made an early spring appearance. Next, dig at least two inches of compost, or use a general-purpose fertilizer. Finally, cover the prepared earth with a sheet of black plastic—this will keep the soil warmer and drier through those April showers, and keep them ready for planting.


  1. Take care of your lawn. April is a great time to repair any bare patches in your lawn, and to sow lawn seed. If areas of your lawn have become compacted from snow or usage, aerate them by using a garden fork to spike the soil. And if you really want to give your lawn a boost for the season, apply a fertilizer with a high nitrogen content.

With these tips, and the expertise of a trusted landscaping professional, you’ll be ready to make the most out of spring!

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