Category: GeneralPublished on Jul 15 2018

If you are planning a new patio or stone space in your outdoor living space, have you considered what type of furniture you will or would like to use on the finished product? If furniture choices mater, you most likely want to think about your options before you plan out the entire project. If you already own the furniture that you plan on using, think about the size, make and style. Will it go with the material you are thinking of using? For example, metal furniture with thin legs are probably not the best choice for something like flagstone with grass gaps and rough edges. The legs can easily get stuck in-between the stone and cause for a lot of frustration! A better option would be to choose something with tight joints, such as brick or a mortared flagstone.

Around a pool, a mortared flagstone works well because it can easily be swept clean, and almost any type of furniture will work on it. Just make sure that your furniture can be exposed to water continuously, because next to a pool, it will be sure to see its fair share of water! Something that rusts easily or warps, may not be a good choice.

If you choose a fire feature such as a fire pit, outdoor fire place or outdoor oven, choose furniture that can withstand the heat. Wood is always a good choice for around the fire, just make sure it is properly treated. Working with your landscaping professional at Modern Landscapes, and a knowledgeable, trusted furniture store, will be your best bet when designing your ultimate outdoor space.

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