Category: GeneralPublished on Jul 16 2020

Many homeowners in southeastern Pennsylvania enjoy the warm spring and summer days and the crisp autumn evenings on their patios. Patios are a great place for families and friends to gather, for kids to play, or just to curl up with a good book and a glass of iced tea or cup of hot chocolate.

Your patio can only provide you and your family with a beautiful—and safe—space, however, if it is in good repair and good shape. How do you know when it’s time to focus on updating or repairing your patio? Use this handy checklist to see how your patio rates, and whether it might be time to contact Modern Landscapes breathe some new life into this important part of your home.

  • If your patio is concrete, one surefire sign that repairs are needed is the appearance of cracks. Weather is often the culprit when it comes to the formation of cracks; changing temperatures can cause the soil underneath your patio to expand and contract, and exposure to the elements over time can also cause cracks in the surface of the patio. Cracks will only get worse with time, so the sooner you attend to them the better. Modern Landscapes can help you determine whether you just need to have the patio patched up, or whether it is time for a replacement.

  • Are there areas of your patio that look uneven? This could be due to the settling of soil underneath the patio, or the effects of changing temperatures or weather conditions. Uneven patio flooring can lead to bigger repair issues. It can also be a safety hazard, as an uneven patch could lead to someone tripping or falling on your patio. For these reasons, it is best to consult a professional landscaper  like Modern Landscapes as soon as you notice unevenness in your patio.

  • The next time you get rain, take a walk out onto your patio afterwards. If you notice any areas where water is pooling, this is a sign that there is a drainage issue. When water cannot properly drain away from your patio, it can cause major damage to the patio and possibly even your home if the water is collecting near a wall. Taking action to repair your patio as soon as you notice this sign can save you significant expense later on by avoiding more elaborate repairs.

  • Wear and tear. Even the highest quality patio will eventually experience some wear and tear as it ages. Continued exposure to the elements, temperature changes over the seasons, and the use it gets from people and pets all will inevitably take their toll. When you start to notice that your patio is looking a little bit shabby, the best course of action is to contact Modern Landscapes who can help you determine what condition the patio is in, and what time frame you should consider to undertake repairs before smaller, cosmetic issues become larger structural issues.

When your patio is in good shape and you feel secure that it is a safe and welcoming space for you and your family, it can be a daily source of beauty and enjoyment for you. Are you ready to update your patio? Call Modern Landscapes today!

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