Category: GeneralPublished on Mar 24 2020

It may still be winter in southeastern Pennsylvania, but that makes it the perfect time to look ahead to warmer weather—and the ways you can bring new life and style to your lawn, garden, or patio. Spring is the ideal time to complete those stonework projects you’ve been thinking of, so here’s a helpful guide to some of the top ways stonework can transform your outdoor spaces.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls can be a very functional part of your garden, keeping the soil in place to prevent erosion, and naturally creating multiple levels that can expand your usable outdoor space. Beyond their functionality, however, retaining walls can also be a strong decorative feature, incorporating man-made or natural stones to create a stunning backdrop or focal point.

 Rock Gardens

 Want an innovative way to show off your plants? A rock garden is a tasteful, carefully planned mix of rocks and plants or flowers. Rock gardens are easy to install, and popular with homeowners for their versatility—you can make them any size and in any shape, so they make the perfect stylish filler for an oddly proportioned spot in your garden. Rock gardens are also a great way to express your creativity, as you can choose the size, color, and type of the stones you want to include.

 Water Features

Stonework can be used to create beautiful water features. One simple way to incorporate stonework into a water feature is to introduce water to an existing rock garden. Running water over carefully placed stones is an attractive addition to any garden. Another option is to extend your rock garden into a pool bordered with stones—and maybe even filled with some fish. A larger project but one that can become the focal point of your outdoor space is a stonework water feature or fountain. There are endless combinations of water and stone that you can customize to your space and tastes.


Stonework is an excellent option for building an attractive and functional patio. Many homeowners opt for natural stone like limestone, bluestone, flagstone, or slate for their patios. For a rustic look, the natural and unique contours of fieldstone lend an air of charm to any patio.

Spring will be here before you know it, and it’s never too early to talk with Modern Landscapes,  your trusted landscaping professional, about sprucing up your outdoor spaces with some custom stonework to show off your creativity!

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