Category: GeneralPublished on Dec 02 2019

With the holidays around the corner, homeowners are looking to make their houses merry and bright—and not just on the inside! The holidays are a festive time of year with lots of gatherings, parties, and family events, and the first impression visitors will have of your home is the one they will get as they approach your front door.

Getting your hardscaping ready for the season is a great way to welcome friends and loved ones with holiday cheer. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Light the way: One way to make the holidays merry and bright is to make them, well, bright! You can opt for colors traditionally associated with the holidays, or go with classic white lighting to add an extra touch of warmth and festivity to porch railings, gazebos, doors, windows, trees, and more. When using lighting, however, it’s important to be aware of safety. Don’t overload your circuits, and be careful with cords—you want them to be unobtrusive, but not so hidden that they can be easily tripped over.


  • Keep it green: Using evergreen boughs and branches accented with bows and pinecones is a simple, elegant way to bring seasonal beauty to your outdoor spaces. It’s easy to incorporate evergreens by hanging wreaths on your door and windows or creating a centerpiece for an outdoor table.


  • Wrap it up: You can use garland—either evergreen, a holiday color, or a metallic, to wrap porch railings, balustrades, or even your mailbox pole. For a rustic look, try using burlap accented with red bows.


  • Cut it out: Silhouette ornaments, or cut outs, are a great way to bring holiday flair to your outdoor space. Often made from metal or plastic, silhouettes are lightweight and easy to place. You can find them in classic holiday styles, like a silhouette of Santa and his sleigh, or in festive winter-themed designs like the silhouette of a deer or snowflake.


  • Put a ribbon on it: Few things say holiday cheer like festive bows and ribbons! Used as an accent on wreaths, as a pop of color on planters, or standing on their own as a decoration on a window or door, bright red or brilliant gold bows can set the tone that transforms your landscaping into a winter wonderland.


The holidays are all about home, and you can make yours a warm and inviting place for loved ones to gather and enjoy from the moment they arrive by incorporating the joy of the season into your outdoor spaces. Talk with your trusted landscaping professional today about how you can safely and beautifully get your hardscaping ready for the holidays!

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