Category: GeneralPublished on Aug 20 2018

Do you love the sound of gentle running water, or even a babbling brook? How does the idea of having your very own stream in your backyard sound: something to read a book next to, meditate, or watch the water as it passes over the river rocks? Did you know that you could incorporate an artificial stream into your dream landscaping project? Not only is it possible, it is also a great way to control water in areas where you may have issues with flooding or low land.

Installing a stream is a similar process to building a pond. All good projects start with a plan and Modern Landscapes can help plan and implement your perfect stream or creek project. To incorporate this type of feature, a trench and or holes must be dug at the right grade, liners will need to be installed, and finally stone, plants and water will be added.

One idea is to link a stream to an existing larger stream or creek. If an existing water system is not already in place, a stream can be linked to two ponds- one at each end. Having a gradual slope and a pump will move the water and cycle it. If you don't like the look of having two ponds, consider covering up the second pond. Streams can also be linked to an existing larger stream or creek. This may be a more complicated task, but the end product can provide a beautiful feature that is virtually timeless.

Having a stream or creek is a great way to incorporate stone into your backyard oasis- with or without water. If a water-filled stream or creek won't work for your situation or budget, a dry one will work as well! To start this type of project, think about the shape that you would like to develop. Next, you have a variety of choices when it comes to rocks in different shapes, sizes and textures. Make sure to work with your landscape professional to pick the perfect mix of rocks.

Plants are a key part when it comes to both dry and wet streams. There again, a professional can help you with the right mix of plants that will attract everything from birds to butterflies. If wildlife is of interest, streams can be a great way to attract and keep critters of all types! Turtles, frogs, tadpoles, fish and other wildlife are great additions to any backyard and can create a focal point, especially if your existing yard is bland. Great embellishments for streams are as small and easy as adding stepping stones, and as large and complex as bridges and gazebos. Statues and other ornamental objects are great as well. The possibilities are endless!

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