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With winter upon us shorter days mean less time to enjoy the beauty of your outdoor spaces, but incorporating lighting into your landscaping design can enhance the look and visibility of your property. Not only does this make for greater curb appeal, but well-lit exteriors and walkways also provide a greater level of security and safety.

There are many ways to incorporate lighting into your landscaping for a beautiful look that adds value, safety, and security to your home. Here are just a few:

  1. Illuminating the façade of your home.
    One of the most dramatic ways you can use lighting in your landscaping is to illuminate the façade of your home. You can use brighter lighting to highlight focal points and architectural details, and softer lighting to illuminate the rest of the home.
  2. Brightening the garden.
    Use smaller, evenly spaced fixtures to provide bright spots of light at key points along your garden and softscaping.
  3. Lighting up trees and foliage.
    You can use a combination of uplighting and downlighting to highlight trees and foliage. Even in the winter months, the structural appeal of deciduous trees and the lush boughs of evergreens are worthy of illumination and can add considerably to the warmth and vibrancy of your outdoor space.
  4. Making walkways and driveways safer.
    Illuminating the path for walkways and driveways is not only a way to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your landscaping, but also a way to increase the safety of your property. With well-lit paths for people and vehicles, there is less of a risk of tripping or other mishaps that can be caused by lack of lighting.
  5. Highlighting focal points.
    Do you have a focal point in your landscaping? Perhaps it’s a lovely garden wall, a pergola or gazebo, or a fountain. Lighting is the perfect way to make sure the focal point of your outdoor space is fully appreciated both day and night.

Lighting is a versatile way to bring creativity and beauty into your landscaping. Now that we’ve covered some of the ways lighting can be incorporated into your outdoor spaces, we’ll turn our attention in our next post to the different types of outdoor lighting you can choose from, and the ways they can best be used to illuminate your home’s exterior. To bring these ideas to life in your own space, talk with your trusted landscaping professional today!

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