Category: GeneralPublished on Jan 30 2019

When it comes to homes in southeast Pennsylvania, the size of their outdoor spaces can range from very spacious to not quite as large. If you are working with a yard, garden, or other outdoor space that is on the less expansive side, there are many ways you can maximize its functionality and appeal with your landscaping.

Plant up

You can get the most out of your outdoor yard, garden, or living area as well as give the illusion of greater space by choosing wisely with your softscaping. Softscaping refers to the living elements of your landscaping—trees, plants, and flowers.

Opting for varieties that grow vertically rather than spread horizontally can allow you to incorporate more flowers and plants, as well as give the impression of greater scale to your space. Concepts like vertical gardens are also gaining popularity as a stylish way to bring more color and life to limited outdoor spaces.

Create levels

In our previous article we talked about the many styles and uses of retaining walls. Incorporating retaining walls to your outdoor area can help you maximize your vertical space with terraces that can be used for raised plant beds or to add additional surface space for outdoor furniture and recreational use.

Define spaces

Use furniture and hardscaping features like walls, fountains, pathways, and fences to define your outdoor space. Hanging up curtains to separate a reading nook, incorporating a pathway to define a garden, or using an area rug to designate the dining area adds depth to your space and establishes it as a functional and valuable extension of your home.

Double duty

Choose furniture that can serve double duty. Need more storage and more seating? Opt for a bench with storage space inside. Want a fire pit and a table? Incorporate a fire pit table with a removable table top. Using multi-purpose furniture allows you to cut down on the number of pieces in your outdoor space, creating a calm and expansive ambiance rather than a hectic, crowded one.

Optical illusion

If you are working with limited space, you can make it appear larger by using a diagonal placement for paving stones and wooden deck planks. Laying them diagonally creates a more detailed pattern that better defines and elongates your space.

Whatever the size of your outdoor space, a professional landscaper can help you maximize its beauty and efficiency, helping you transform it into a valuable extension of your home to be enjoyed for years to come.



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