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Outdoor Living

Southeastern Pennsylvania is a great place to create an outdoor living space for the spring, summer and fall months. Now is the perfect time to create an outdoor living space by the use  of landscape design, hardscaping and lightscaping. A properly thought-out landscape design that includes hardscaping and lightscaping can add value to your home, while creating an extra living space that can be used for three seasons out of the year. Not only can you enjoy a beautiful property for years to come; when it comes time to sell your home, it is a great way to set your home apart from neighboring competition- especially in developments with cookie-cutter homes.

Creating the Perfect Outdoor Living Space

Landscape Design When thinking about your outdoor space, think of it as an additional room in your home. The proper planning is required to create a space that can be used both day and night, and during spring, summer and fall- at the very least! The proper plan can make the most of your outdoor space. Haphazard attempts at landscaping will end up costing you in the long-run with both time and effort.  Mistakes with design can result in the wrong materials being used in the wrong places, costing you big time! Make sure you choose a professional service to plan out your proper backyard oasis.

Hardscaping Patios, walkways, retaining walls, and concrete work, can all add beauty, function and valuable living space to an area that would otherwise be difficult to utilize. Retaining walls can control water while creating space for beautiful flower beds. Walkways create both beauty and safety. There are so many options available- all with different looks and all at different price points. Talking with an experienced hardscape design specialist can help you navigate the options that are available and work within your budget to create a space that is both usable and eye-catching.

Firepits are yet another element of landscape design that can create a wonderful focal point for any backyard. The warmth that firepits bring can extend the use of your outdoor area by several months each year. Firepits are great for cool summer nights, as well as day-time events during the spring and fall. Add value to your home by adding a well-built, built-in firepit that will last years to come.

Lightscaping - otherwise known as Landscape Lighting, is an often overlooked way to add value, safety and ambiance to your already existing landscape design, or to a new landscape design. By utilizing low-voltage lighting, landscape lighting is more affordable than ever. Correct lighting can hide blemishes while accenting focal points such as trees, shrubs or plants that offer extra appeal. When it comes to entertaining, landscape lighting (or lightscaping) is essential. Not only does it provide safety by lighting otherwise dark areas that are susceptible to trips and falls, lightscaping is a great way to create a beautiful, entertaining atmosphere. This type of lighting is so often overlooked, but is many times considered one of the most important- if not the most important element, to your landscape design. Homes that are well-lit are often the envy of the neighborhood!

Your backyard oasis for spring, summer and fall, is within reach when utilizing the proper services to assess your situation and address your personal needs. Finding a local land and hardscaping professional in Southeastern Pennsylvania such as Modern Landscapes is your first step to creating this special space that can be used for many years to come.

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