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Summer is known for its soaring temperatures and dry weather that can wreak havoc on a lawn, leaving it brittle and dry with brown patches, especially in areas of heavy traffic. Southeastern Pennsylvania has not had any shortage of rain recently, but while the threat of damage-causing drought is lessened for now, extreme and sustained heat can still take a toll on lawns.

The key to summertime lawn care is preservation—keeping the lush green you worked hard to grow all spring as healthy and full as possible during the warmer months. The following tips about watering and mowing will help you care for your lawn so it will continue to be a source of enjoyment for you and your family all summer long.

Watering your lawn through the summer

As mentioned, the usual dry spell that comes with summer has not yet arrived in Bucks County and surrounding areas, however it’s still important to keep a few basics in mind.

Lawns typically need about an inch of water a week, though they may need more in the most extreme heat of summer. If that amount is not supplied by rain, take care to water your lawn so that it doesn’t dry out. Remember to water deeply, to get to the roots about 4 to 6 inches down. On especially hot days, water early in the morning so the lawn has a chance to soak up the hydration before it evaporates.

Mowing tips for summer lawns

The motto for mowing in summer is, mow high, and mow often. In the summer, taller grass is preferable, as it encourages the growth of long roots that have a better chance at finding underground water during the summer heat. Taller grass also cools the lawn, and gives less space for weeds to grow.

You can let the grass clippings act as mulching; they’ll also help keep the moisture level consistent. And if you mow often, the clippings won’t be so large that they smother the grass.

Finally, be sure your lawn mower blades are sharp so they cut the grass cleanly. Dull blades tear the grass, which leaves the edges more susceptible to losing moisture.

The harsh heat of summer can be a challenge to homeowners looking to keep their lawn beautiful and healthy, but knowing how to properly mow and water throughout the season can help see you through to fall’s more gentle weather. Be sure to consult a landscaping professional with any questions!

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