Category: GeneralPublished on Jul 31 2019

With summer in full swing, our outdoor spaces are being used more than any other time of year. BBQ’s, picnics, family gatherings, pool parties, and long summer nights on the porch all mean more time spent outdoors than in.

You can add fun and functionality to your outdoor spaces by checking out some of the summer’s hottest trends in outdoor living. Here are a few of the most popular trends among southeast Pennsylvania’s summertime homes:

  1. Creative lighting. Lighting is key to the décor of your outdoor space, and it’s as easy to incorporate as it is impactful. Lanterns, hanging lights, strings of lights, and decorative candles can all be placed in or hung from pergolas, gazebos, patios, and porches. Don’t just settle for putting lights in obvious places like on your patio table—try hanging them up, looping them over railings, or even stringing them up along tree branches.


  1. Pops of color. With “living coral” being the Pantone color of the season, using vibrant colors as an accent in outdoor furnishings is only increasing in popularity. Of course, those bright hues look great on throw pillows and blankets, but get creative with them as well. Incorporating a bright accent wall or screen into your pergola, or interspersing tropical colors among planters and flowers boxes show you can be on trend and unique at the same time.


  1. Peaceful vignettes. Everyone focuses on using beautiful furniture for their outdoor cooking or dining spot, and rightfully so—those are prime spaces for people to gather and enjoy time outside together. But consider also incorporating a few less expected opportunities for a quiet escape throughout your garden. Called “vignettes,” these are smaller areas that are turned into a peaceful oasis by a few simple items. Think of a bench and small side table along your garden path, so you can stop to admire the flowers or read. Or a chair with deep, bright cushions next to a water feature so you can enjoy the sights and sounds of your summer garden.


  1. Modular furniture. Modular furniture is furniture that can be configured in a variety of ways to accommodate different spaces, numbers of people, and functions. As people incorporate more hardscaping elements to their outdoor spaces, modular furniture gives them the option to bring seating, dining, and even storage closer to those elements, whether they be pools, fire pits, a lovely patio at the foot of a terraced wall, a pergola, or a gazebo.


There are many ways to incorporate the latest trends into your outdoor space, adding personal touches to make them your own. Talk with a trusted landscaping professional today about softscaping and hardscaping elements that can transform your outdoor summer oasis!

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