Category: GeneralPublished on Sep 27 2019

In our last article, we talked about the different types of materials and styles you can choose from when adding a fire pit to your outdoor space. Here, we’d like to follow up with our top five tips for fire pit installation:

  1. Pay attention to your home’s style: Do you have a traditional home? Chances are an ultra-modern sunken fire pit of sleek granite may not be for you. A landscaping professional can help you review the different types of materials and styles available to you and guide you in making choices that will complement your home rather than clash with it.
  2. Consider your needs. Is your fire pit meant to be a private oasis for you and your sweetheart to sit next to as you gaze up at the stars? If so, a smaller, simpler fire pit may suit you better. Is it meant to be enjoyed by a crowd of family and friends as a focal point for outdoor social gatherings? In that case, you’ll want something with capping so people can rest food and drinks on it. Do you have kids who may be running around the fire pit? Talk to your landscaping professional about ways to make the area safe for them, like avoiding sharp edges or sunken fire pits.
  3. Choose your furnishings wisely. Make sure that you are using fire-resistant furniture, and not putting fabrics or flammable objects in a place where they could inadvertently catch a spark and cause potential damage.
  4. Decide which type of fuel to use. Just like barbecues, fire pits can burn different types of fuel. Some burn wood logs, while others use gas. There are even fire pits that combine the two, relying on gas for easy ignition, and on wood for the look and smell of a more rustic and natural fire. In deciding which type of fuel to use, you may also need to consider what is allowed in your area. Municipalities and even housing developments may have restrictions or requirements about different types of fuel and where they can be used on a property.
  5. Consult a professional. Fire pits are a beautiful addition to any outdoor space, but even more than other purely decorative elements of your garden, they need to be constructed with professional guidance to ensure your ability to enjoy them in safety.

 When the evenings get cooler and longer and you’re looking for a cozy place to enjoy a pumpkin spice latter, you’ll find a fire pit to be a great addition to your landscaping. Consult with a professional today, and get started on making the most of our beautiful southeastern Pennsylvania autumns with a new fire pit!

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