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In our last article, we talked about some of the ways that you can tell when your patio is ready for an update. Signs like cracks, uneven patio flooring, pooling water after rain, and the wear and tear that naturally happens with time and use are all a good indication that your patio needs some help.

Once you’ve made the decision to update your patio, however, what happens next? If your patio is due for an upgrade and you want to make it an even more functional and enjoyable space for you and your family, consider talking with Modern Landscapes today. Here are some of our favorite options for transforming the look and feel of your patio:


Instead of one poured concrete slab, consider using pavers. They come in a huge range of colors, materials, sizes, and shapes, and have some major benefits over the more traditional poured concrete patio. Pavers, for example, are typically less expensive, and if they get damaged you only have to replace the one piece. If the damage isn’t extensive, you may even be able to simply flip the paver over and use the other side! Pavers are a cost-effective way to add visual interest to your patio as well as prolong its overall lifespan.


 Do you like a more natural look? Using flagstone pavers is a great way to incorporate natural stone into your hardscaping. The fact that it is natural stone means that the pieces will all be uniquely shaped, which gives a much different and more organic feel than concrete, brick, or clay pavers that are generally uniformly shaped. Flagstone also lends itself well to patios because it provides a good, stable surface for patio furniture.

 Updated Lighting

If you are updating your patio, one area you definitely want to pay attention to is the landscape lighting. Lighting is both an important aesthetic element, as well as a necessity for safe use of your patio. LED lighting is a more expensive initial investment than standard incandescent bulbs, but they are far more energy efficient and can save you money over time Talk with your landscaper about what type of lighting is best for your patio, and where to incorporate it so that it looks great and ensures that your space is well-lit and safe.

 Fire Pits

Few features enhance your enjoyment of a patio like a firepit does. Usable in Bucks and Montgomery Counties for much of the year, fire pits can range from simple to elaborate, and be rustic or ultra-modern in appearance. Your landscaping professional can help guide you in your choice of material and style so that you can find the design that best fits how you and your family want to enjoy your fire pit.


Railings are often an overlooked element of patios, and they can be a great place to incorporate some easy and cost-effective updates. Consider adding a pop of color to your railings, using them for strategic or decorative lighting, or brightening them up with a bit of softscaping with flower boxes.

 A patio upgrade can transform your outdoor space, add value to your home, and bring you and your family years of enjoyment. Talk to Modern Landscapestoday about how you can get the most out of your patio upgrade!

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