Category: GeneralPublished on Oct 21 2019

Autumn has come to southeastern Pennsylvania and with it everyone’s favorite spooky holiday, Halloween! Halloween is the one night in the season that most people will be using their outdoor space to the max as trick-or-treaters go from home to home on their mission for candy.

With so much extra traffic, it’s important to make sure your hardscaping is ready for the annual onslaught of ghosts, princesses, and power rangers. Of course, you want your outdoor space to look great, but most importantly, you want it to be a safe space for families to enjoy Halloween festivities.

Here are our three top ways you can make sure your home’s hardscaping is ready for the night’s activities:

1.       Clear and even surfaces.

Probably the single most important thing you can take care of in advance of trick-or-treaters is clearing up anything that visitors could slip on or trip over on your property. For your lawn, this means raking leaves and acorns away, and putting away things like garden tools that could be stumbled over. For your driveway and walkway, this means clearing the walkway of items like hoses, wires, tools, etc., but also paying attention to any loose pavers or bricks.

2.       Sturdy and secure hardscaping.

This is where you want to make sure that elements like railings for your steps and porch are sturdy, as well as any other item kids and parents might lean against, sit on, or walk on. Pay attention to steps, benches, fences, and outdoor furniture where people may gather. If a piece of outdoor furniture is broken or in disrepair, either fix it, replace it, or move it so it does not pose a hazard to visitors.

3.       Light the way.

Lighting is the third most essential element in a safe Halloween experience for your visitors. Make sure the space you’re going to be giving out candy, and the pathway to it, are well lit. If any bulbs are out, make sure you replace them so there aren’t dark spots where people could miss a step or not see that they’re about to trip over a trailing costume. Just as important as adequate lighting, however, is safe lighting. Candles are fun and very atmospheric, but could pose a fire hazard, especially if brushed against or knocked over by an overly enthusiastic goblin. A realistic battery-operated candle is a much safer option for those jack-o-lanterns!


Halloween is meant to be a fun night for all—homeowners and tick-or-treaters alike. By following a few simple tips, you can make sure your outdoor space is one that supports a safe and enjoyable experience. If you have any questions about your hardscaping or how to prep your space for visitors, consult a trusted landscaping professional today!

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