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Water features- both small and large- can add a tremendous amount of allure to your backyard project. Most people stop at pools when they think of water features, but if you don't want the size and expense (and maintenance) of a pool, think smaller- fountains, ponds, streams, waterfalls. Whatever your style, there is sure to be a great option when it comes to water features. 

Safety First! 

When discussing adding a water feature to a design project, the first order of business is always safety. When adding a water feature, of any size, the safety of children and pets become a concern. Whether or not you have children and/or pets is not an issue, as very few properties are secluded and completely private. A wandering child can easily drown in a few inches of water- something that no one would want.  Luckily, in this day and age we have countless gadgets that can help lighten the stress of owning a water feature in your backyard. Options include fencing, netting, alarms and video surveillance. Discuss this with your landscape professional and make a safety plan before embarking on any water feature project.


Pools are a great way to entertain guests, cool off during hot summer months, and relax during warm evenings after work. Most people would enjoy adding a pool to their existing backyard, however cost and maintenance are usually the reason people shy away from pools. Speaking with a professional at Modern Landscapes can ease your worries. Many pools today require less maintenance than in the past, and there are pools for all price points.


Do you like the idea of watching giant Koi as they swim gently past your finger tips, or the sound of frogs chirping in the summer evening? Is bird watching something of interest? If so, a pond might be a great water feature for your backyard project. Ponds can be easily installed and maintained with little effort and the amount of work that will go into it will be dependent on how elaborate you would like to make it. Ponds are also a great way to feature waterfalls and they can also connect to a stream or creek.

Streams and Creeks

A stream or a creek is a great way to add running water to your landscape and a dry stream can add beauty and wonder without the water! Streams can be installed similarly to a pond in that you do not need an existing water source and a pump can pump the water. Talk with your landscaping professional to design a stream that is breathtaking and beautiful to relax near.


If you like the sound of running water, but are looking for low maintenance, a fountain may be a great option. Fountains can be easily installed and maintained and will provide a water feature that is sure to excite guests and homeowners alike.

Whatever water feature you choose, know that a well-maintained water feature will add value and beauty to your landscape design project!

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