Category: GeneralPublished on Oct 21 2019

Autumn may be in full swing in southeastern Pennsylvania, but a healthy lawn and garden requires our care year-round. Wondering what you can do to care for your softscaping during the fall months? This checklist is a great place to start:

1.       Get rid of dead summer flowers

Fall is time to clean house, or, in this case, garden! Leaving dead flowers isn’t just an eyesore, but can compromise the overall health of your garden.

2.       Add fresh mulch and plants

Fall is the perfect time to mulch your garden. Adding a layer of high-quality mulch will help make sure that when spring comes around, your plants, trees, and shrubs are healthy. You can also add plants in the autumn—fall flowers like mums are a great, colorful addition to a garden, and trees and shrubs can also be planted at this time.


3.       Cut the grass a little shorter

It’s important to continue to mow your lawn in the fall, and to cut the grass as short as you can. This has multiple benefits including making it easier to rake dead leaves and safeguarding against rot that can develop if snow blankets long blades of grass through the winter months.

4.       Water and fertilize

Before the ground freezes in winter, be sure to treat your lawn and garden to a thorough watering and a good quality fertilizer. Grass, shrub, and plant roots still need hydration and nutrients during the winter, and can store them in their roots. If properly treated in the fall, you can prepare your lawn and garden for a healthy spring.

5.       Store any pesticides and herbicides safely 

You’ll want to exercise care with any pesticides and herbicides you are using to protect yourself, your pets, and your gardens from toxins. But even organic, non-toxic herbicides and pesticides need to be properly stored over the winter. Be sure they are secure in air-tight containers, and stored somewhere where they are not in danger of freezing.

Spring may seem like a long way off, but it will be here before we know it! Follow these tips to take care of your lawn and garden now, so that when spring comes you are ready to enjoy it—and your garden is ready to blossom. For questions on how to care for your lawn and garden, consult with a trusted landscaping professional today!

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